Tired of turmoil, Kiel residents rebuke far-right school officials

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In 2022, a small but well-organized Kiel citizens group pushed restrictions on library books, sought to block anti-racism training and helped flip the school board to a majority that criticized efforts for racial equity and LGBTQ rights. Political tensions boiled over when Kiel schools were forced shutter early due to bomb threats aimed at halting a probe into alleged transgender bullying.

But moderates have since regained control of the school board, Wisconsin Watch's Mario Koran reports.
Concerns that the school board would oust popular Superintendent Brad Ebert spurred residents to pack a Jan. 4 meeting in which they supported Ebert and rebuked school board members. Facing the public outcry, the board unanimously voted to renew Ebert’s contract and two board members abruptly resigned.

Originally published on January 24th, 2023.

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