Could lawmakers ‘mess’ with Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes? Possibly.


January 28th, 2021

21 mins 16 secs

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In the days after the November presidential election, a petition filed in the Wisconsin Supreme Court alleging mass election fraud called for electoral votes for Trump to replace Biden's. Wisconsin Republican Assembley Speaker Robin Vos ordered an investigation into the state's election results because of claims of "mail-in ballot dumps and voter fraud." These efforts ended up not changing Wisconsin's Electoral College outcome, but changes in Electoral College law mean such moves could be possible in the future. Legal and political challenges to the 2020 presidential election have raised questions of whether a state’s election outcome can be subverted by officials who favor a different result.

Reporting by Anya van Wagtendonk in partnership with Votebeat. Originally published November 25, 2020.

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